Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!
Here's a bit of our weekend:

Andrew loves it when Dave gets out the projector, but he's more into winding the film through the machine and dancing around in front of movie than actually watching anything. He's almost able to get it all set up by himself at this point. Dave is so proud!


We are trying to be better patrons of our local library. Now that we are learning from home, we need books now more than ever and instead of sinking a fortune into amazon, we are trying out the library route. On this trip Andrew found several books on volcanos...and so that will be our next unit in school. I'm pretty excited about it!

Isaac is just absolutely beautiful. That's all.


Andrew had an art show this weekend with the other kids that are in art class. We went a gallery were everyone had a framed piece on display. The theme of the show was "Love is". While other students drew family members holding hands, Andrew drew games from Dave's phone. Andrew is nothing if not authentic and unconventional. members holding hands would have been pretty nice.


We went to the Brooklyn Promenade for a walk yesterday afternoon.

Isaac found a public pay phone and couldn't help but make a few pretend phone calls to Sir Topham Hatt.

And that was that. Hope yours was a good one!


Mama V said...

Poo! More unavailable photos from flickr! ;( I'll come back later to see if they (re)appear.

Thanks for the photo reminder... I love the prospect of more melting snow!!

BTW, in that library picture, Andrew's really close to the section with books in Spanish (a very small collection, unfortunately). Maybe he'll like those, too? And do I foresee some baking soda and vinegar concoctions soon?!

And hey, maybe Andrew's just translating love one step further than most kids. The gesture of getting to share his dad's cool toy might make him feel warm and fuzzy and loved inside. (Or whatever. Maybe he just loves video games.) ;)

Dave said...

arg! I just emailed flickr about this. I've tried all kind of ways to fix this problem but I can't see to crack the code. Hopefully the pros can help!

Melissa said...

Loved seeing everyone outside. ahhhh.....very nice.

And I prefer the unconventional artwork. Everyone holding hands? ding dong boring.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

The library photo is so awesome, Robyn. And I'm really irritated with Flickr too because I'm missing out on seeing your amazing photos. Only about half of the ones in this post were available. I hope you get an answer for the solution soon! Good luck!!! xo

Dave said...

I've heard from flickr...but it didn't help. Hopefully they'll have more advice in a little while.

in the meantime...if you are *dying* to see these can always click right on them. It will take you to flickr and you can look around there. ;)

erin said...

I haven't been able to see the pictures since sometime in January while at work. They come up on my computer at home. I think at work they're blocking flickr account stuff.

Melissa Belmonte said...

I LOVE Andrew artwork.