Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Cards of Christmas past

I found this Christmas card that I sent out a few years ago. It got me thinking. I worry about style going out of date. I worry about looking at my scrapbooks that I am now creating for my son and cringing at them. "I can't believe I used so much brown! Every page has brown!" Others say that that will probably happen, but when you are documenting pictures and family stories, you are also, in a way, documenting your creative style as well (something that I am not sure I want documented...). So 20 years from now, when I look at the scrapbook I WON'T cringe. I'll just stock it up to my creative style at the time....hmmm...not sure I buy that.

So, anyway, I found this card. I still like it. I can see how I would do it differently now. I like the collage, the wire snowflakes, the pairing of all the images. I don't really like the layout. But I'm not cringing. Not yet at least.

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