Monday, January 22, 2007

Community Continued

People I think should blog:
Tara-my friend
Tara-my sister
Mom- with her baking masterpeices??? Who wouldn't read that?
Chuck-of course, goes without know, being the writer and all
Lorie- with her scrapbooking, award winning, art. Well, not yet...but it would be great motivation!
Dillon-with some good jokes
Ashton-with more good jokes
Ji- with your wit and wisdom

People I think should brag more on their blogs:
Kathy- with your cooking and advent calendar creations
Susan- with your cooking and organic housekeeping! Just think of it! Before and after pics of the shower!

Come on, guys! Add to the creative consciousness! IT'S FREE!

Feel free to add to the list..or defend yourself...if you want.

By the way...the sympathy card at the top is NOT for the non-bloggers. My mom asked me to make a bunch. And that one, right there, is number one. Bunch-minus-one more to go.


Susan said...

But Robyn, part of my excitement is that my shower no longer gets dirty enough to photograph impressively. Maybe I can find some kiddo bath photos from last year before I became Venus, Goddess of the Shower.

Robyn said...

hmmm...good point...

Goes On Runs said...

ji should TOTALY blog!!! i would even add her as one of my links :)

Ji-Eun said...

Bite your tongue!