Sunday, January 21, 2007


You know how the really good lessons in life you end up learning over and over again? As though you never knew it. It is so humbling. Most of my "Eureka!" moments are followed by, "oh, yeah." Why is that?

Anyway, last week I was in a creative funk. Liked what I was doing, but nothing really struck me as totally awesome. Even my dinners were ho-hum. Edible, nutricious, but blah.

So, today when I was ordering my food (I know, I know....ordering? your groceries? That is a whole other blog entry...) I felt great! My dinners were going to be awesome! My cookies were going to be scrumptious! Finally! Excited about the creative pursuit of making dinner! I was back!

Then, I sat down to make a few cards.


Didn't go so well. What happened? I was thinking so creativity when planning dinners! Now? Nothing. So I finished one, sat it aside, hoping it would grow on me. But it didn't.

Then I remembered, when I was planning dinners, I was using COOKBOOKS. I was adding flair to Other People's recipes. I am all about recipes and the creative use of others' ideas. Not cheating, per se, but using Collective Knowledge to my advantage. So, I opened my card making magazines, got inspired and popped out a card I LOVE in 10 minutes! Cool.

I was so impressed about the impact of community and how inspiring it is. All kinds of communities. Not just card makers, scrapbookers, bakers, cooks, but all kinds of groups of people with commonalities. People are good for other people! Eureka!

I mean: oh, yeah.

So, here's to other people's ideas, and putting them to good use.


Goes On Runs said...

funny how community is such a necessity that our need for it shows up in more than just one place..... like the sermon today, crafts, community group, etc.

RemusWolfe said...

Hey, Robyn,
Is this how you make a Comment? It's Ben, and I liked your insight about community, which is something I am a frayed thread from... part in but coming out and need of repair... It is a !Eureka! insight because it is as wonderful as people discover it to be in their lives-- you don't have to implement it yourself... I love your card-making ability... maybe I can take lessons and watch you next time, as well as lessons in cooking what is always Good Stuff-- I don't think you are capable of mediocre, "only mediocre in your mind" )as Yoda might say). Your blog is GREEEEAT! Or is this not waht comments on blogs is supposed to look like...?