Friday, January 19, 2007


When Andrew gets into a box of craft supplies, I say, "No Andrew, these are Mommy's toys." Then I plunk him down by his stuff and say, "These are Andrew's toys." It should be mentioned that Daddy has toys too.

And just like Andrew, my favorite toys change now and then, but I have some regulars that get ample love.

Generally I am a hard core user of:
Patterned paper and cardstock
metal brads
photos (of course!)
alphabet stamps
ink (navy, chocolate, artichoke and burgandy are my regs)
scissors and paper trimmer

Lately I have been a soft core user of:
square punches
paper piercer
dimensionals (little foamy stickers that make things pop up)
markers and paintbrushes

Andrew's favorite of my toys are, go figure, any sharp object or choking hazard.

Don't tell his pediatrician. :)

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Marlorie and Joshua said...

I just found this, I'm telling Lisa!!!

Only kidding.