Thursday, January 18, 2007

Angelfood for Aliens

Cool. An angelfood spaceship landed in my kitchen.

Dave gave me this cutting edge floppy tube pan for Christmas and today was it's virgin voyage. A Chocolate Cherry Angelfood cake for tonight's gathering. It's neither chocolate nor cherry yet. There is still filling and glaze that need to be added. Until then, it is cooling on a bottle of wine. The upside down cooling of angelfood cake is still a mystery to me. There is probably some high tech scientific reason for it, but for now, Andrew thinks that it cools this way so he can get a better look at it.

And that is a little aggravating to him.
He'll have to settle for lunch and a possible cookie.

Poor guy.


Goes On Runs said...

i was watching a cooking show - one of my guilty pleasures - and was intrigued by the making of an angelfood cake. alas, i do not have the cool pan. i'll have to stick to creative cooking versus baking.

Jacqueline said...

So many posts to catch up on. This is awesome! In my small world of baking I've never tried or even read a recipe for angel food cake and therefore never knew it cools upside down. Crazy! I'll have to try it out even though I don't love that type of cake...but your pictures make me want a slice!