Saturday, January 13, 2007


We used to live in a more hip and busy part of Brooklyn. In that area there is a rotary called Grand Army Plaza. The rotary sends cars around an Arc de Triomphe-like structure and is bordered by the gi-normous and beautiful Brooklyn Public Library. It also sits at an entrance to Prospect Park.

I love this part of Brooklyn. It is really beautiful and historic. And I love Prospect Park. On Saturday mornings there is a farmer's market that sits between the park and the rotary. You can buy cheese and eggs from Amish women, apples and pears from local orchards and honey from the bee guy (among other things).

We lived on the other side of the rotary. Crossing the rotary to get to the farmer's market meant we needed to cross three streets connected to the Plaza. The lights never seemed to be timed just right. So when the light flashed for pedestrians, we would dash across one street and balance precariously on a stab of concrete (that the city provided for such balancing), while waiting for the next light.

My husband often commented that the whole thing reminded him of frogger.

Anyway, this card reminded me of that.


Susan said...

This brings back many fond memories of my family's Coleco Vision--we did have Frogger, it was a big favorite.

Goes On Runs said...

i love the fresh yogurt from ronnybrook farms... love the card! and frogger rocks!!!

Robyn said...

Hey! Micah was so awesome in nursey today. Sat with us for story time, was enraptured by the story! This is the first time he's joined us, I think.