Sunday, January 14, 2007

a little bit more

So, when I have trouble sleeping, I think of projects. One night this one just came to me. A file folder. Jazzed a kind of dirty, roughed up way. I haven't seen anything like this before and I would like to wait to tell you what I am going to put inside, though you can probably guess.

I wonder where these ideas come from. I would like to think that God loves stamping and craft projects and sometimes sends me awesome ideas. But that seems so silly. I firmly believe that God loves the mundane: provides parking on my cramped street, reminds me to do things I would have forgotten and even wakes me up early on certain days. I cling to those mundane blessings during stressful times. And I feel like God is so personal that he DOES care about the little stuff, like parking.

But does God care about stamping? That seems like a stretch. But, I have no other explanation for where good ideas come from.

Anyways, I do not recommend thinking up projects when you cannot sleep. It never works.

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Goes On Runs said...

of course god cares about stamping...well, not in the actual sense that it is the stamping he cares about so much as it is the creativity of his creation (you) being displayed in what you do (stamping) as you reveal his image.... that is cool... and so are you!!! keep revealing his creativity.... it encourages me.