Thursday, January 25, 2007

I Want to Say

I'm happy.

That's it.

Maybe it's the Vanilla tea. Or how Andrew is sporting nerdy high-water pants. Or that things are balanced lately. But, right now. I am happy.

Things are a good tension of need-to-do, and want-to-do. And I feel like there needs to be both to feel balanced.

The trouble?

So much is out of my hands. Some need-to-do's or some want-to-do's could go away at anytime.

So, I just wanted to record somewhere that things are good and balanced and happy lately. So that when things are not, I can look back, and look ahead, and find encouragement.

And this Savory Dill Bread rocks: a tribute to my maiden naming.


Goes On Runs said...

it is encouraging to hear! whether that has anything to do with the trials of understanding the things that our ouf of your hands or not, but it is still encouraging!

Ji-Eun said...

The yummiest bread on earth!