Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mr. Reinhardt

I had a small, harmless crush on Mr. Reinhardt in High School. Crush might not even be the right word. I enjoyed his classes, liked chatting with him after school and visited him several times after graduation (until he finally asked, "Why do you visit me?" Then I stopped, feeling silly).

He was my math teacher. Algebra and Geometry. He would start a new unit with a bad joke ("What did the tree say to the mathematician? Gee! I'm a tree. You know, like, gee-im-a-tree....geometry..."). We would forgive him his bad jokes for his good ones and his ability to connect with the nerds in our school (um, me and the other people hanging out with the MATH teacher after school. I mean, come on!).

Anyway, I was thinking about him today as I was piecing together this quilt. I am missing some of the measurements so I kept thinking things like "if x=y-6 and y=8+2, then, um....". It was a fun little challenge, minus the back of the book answer guide.

I have finished the "pieced" sections and now get to do the "applique" sections. This is a quilt for Andrew and is going to be firefigher themed. So, somehow I will make trucks and cute men and fire hoses out of fabric and secure them in place. They'll go in the big empty boxes (like the one that is x+11 by y-3). I'll try to get an FDNY logo in there somewhere. Just for kicks.

Anyway, mums the word on that crush.

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momto3 said...

Honestly- how do you decide what talent to use in any given day? Do I bake today, scrap, cards, sew, the world? I am so jealous!