Sunday, February 18, 2007

Guess That Friend

That's right, folks. It's game day! In honor of my good friend's birthday, we are going to play a game: Guess that Friend. I will give you a few clues. You post your guess in the comments section. I will put all the right answers into a drawing to win...Chocolate Sprinkle Cookies! I will mail them out on Wednesday! I have mentioned this friend to A LOT of if you don't remember her name, tell me what you know about her and I'll use that info to decide if you are in the drawing. I will do the drawing first thing on Tuesday morning. So, get your entries in today!

Here are the clues:
1. Today is her birthday.
2. We met in a pizza shop.
3. She inspired me to begin one of my crafting pursuits.
4. She stayed up until 3 am one morning while I studied, just to keep me company and make sure I was on task.
5. She has owned many dogs...all the dogs featured in this quilt.

Ok, although I have so much more to say about her, I will leave it at that. Actually, I would like to mention that she resently spent big bucks on ebay for the New Kids Christmas CD, she has a strange appreciation for bathroom humor and that she orders the same food at her favorite restaurants (once you find something you like, why stray?), even though those things might not help you figure out her identity. But, still, fun things to know.

May the best guesser win!


Susan said...

I'm going to guess your friend Tara whose last name I can pronounce but can't spell. (And, sorry Tara, if you are reading this and thinking, "Who is Susan and why would she think I fit that description?)

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing Tara, too. Tara Zenoi (Zenoy? Znoi? ...?) I can't spell it, either. Tara, if you are reading this, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Tara Whalen said...

I am guessing Tara because one of the dog houses says "znoj". Plus I want the cookies. =)
Or should I be nice and donate them to the birthday girl?

Tara said...

Ok, now that three people have entered their guesses, I figure I can get a vote in too - since I WANT THE COOKIES! Hmmm, I think it's your friend Tara from Rhode Island - the one whose friend Robyn does so many nice things for, and as a result, Tara is very grateful, but always feels like a bad friend because she doesn't do nearly as many nice and thoughtful things in return. Yes, I agree with your faithful blog readers - it must be that friend Tara who has the weird last name. Maybe the birthday girl could split the cookies with the other winners - nahhh, that would be too many packages to mail out - it's best just to send them to the birthday girl. Dill, I feel honored to be the topic of your blog today! Love, TARA

Goes On Runs said...

since i didn't know it was tara it just tells me that we have not spent enough time together. let's fix that!

Robyn said...

Kathy! I was actually thinking of you when I said that. I thought, you wouldn't know her name, but that you might know that she is the one that I visit in Rhode Island for crafting. :)

Anyway, there is still time to enter for anyone interested! Not entering means you are not interested in cookies!!! That is crazy!

Chuck! No excuses!