Sunday, February 18, 2007

Things that Comfort

When I have a cold:
1. miso soup- feels so medicinal. The Japanese know what they are doing.
2. Sense and Sensibilty- or any Jane Austen movie really. But today, Sense and Sensibility did the trick.
3. Butternut Pear soup- It seriously tastes like a hug.
4. No pressure play time- making a card just to make one. Just to play. Not trying to win any contests, just enjoying myself.
5. A good nose blow- makes me feel like a new woman.
6. Peppermint-Cammomile tea. with honey. but I'm out.
7. Dressing Andrew in playsuits. I have no idea why this works. But when he is dressed for comfort, I feel comforted. I don't know if he does.
8. hmmm...that's all I can think of for now.
9. You know what? A good sneeze is also surprisingly refreshing.
10. friends and fam. Hugs and fun.

Things that I wished work:
1. a nap- I always feel yucky and nappy afterwards.
2. sweatpants- not really a fan. I only pull them out for emergencies.
3. couch sequestering- SOME time on the beloved couch, but also time puttering. I love to futz.

That's it. off to futz, drink tea and nose blow.


Tara Whalen said...

Sorry you feel bad. =(

Susan said...

It's our fault! So sorry! Don't let us visit during blizzards in February!