Saturday, February 17, 2007

Here I Am!

What a week! It was great. Friends in town. Friends that bring adorable children to entertain Andrew. At least, I think that is why they brought them. So good to break up the routine a bit, do things a little differently for a while. Good to put the blog to rest for a few days.

And good to get back to it.

Sometime during the week, I realized I had not made a scrapbook page in a while. Like, over a week! And I am still playing with the pictures from October....a good month for photography. I only have one page left to do for that month and then I can play with a new pile of pics from Snapfish that arrived this week. Thanksgiving, here I come.

It's all good. The visit. The break. The back-to-it. The rhythm of this whole life thing.

All good.


Goes On Runs said...

great looking pages!
i made cupcakes today, but pics of the boys are cuter.

Susan said...

Actually, we brought our kids because we thought they might get hungry if we left them home alone for a week.

We should have grabbed some bug cookies for the road!

Robyn said...

Seriously! I never think of that stuff. So many hostess skills, so little time.