Saturday, February 3, 2007

I Love New York

I really do. We have a love/hate relationship, this city and me. But lately, it's been love. I love Chinatown and the skyline. I love it's history and it's diversity. And sometimes, sometimes I do have a good shopping experience here. Sometimes. Usually when I am not trying to shop and I just come across something.


Today we went to a mall. We drove out onto Long Island and walked around a mall. What the mall lacks in variety (they are all pretty much the same, right?) and even quality, it makes up for in convience. There were elevators. There was a Family Bathroom with a changing table. There was a carousel. That might not be an obvious one for the convience catagory, but when you are shopping for your niece's birthday with your husband and son, it is nice to know they are having fun rather than being dragged through the pink section of Penny's. We were in and out in about an hour. We accomplished what we set out to accomplish and no one was miserable. We didn't even have to LOOK for the bathrooms, they found us.

I left the mall loving pink, loving giant bathrooms and loving my niece for having a birthday.

And we found excellent parking when we got home.
See? I love New York.


Tara Whalen said...

How did you do the sparkle on the card?

Robyn said...

I versa-marked the paper with the cake (and the b) and covered it with a mixture of heat-and-stick powder and glitter. Then I heat set it. :)