Monday, February 5, 2007

A Good Match

I was not feeling well the other day and took a day off to rest on the couch. Dave was taking care of Andrew and keeping things orderly around here. Once Andrew was down for a nap Dave decided to turn his attention to me to help me feel better.

"Do you want to watch a documentary about elephants?"

Now, some girls have husbands that bring them tea. Some girl's husbands wrap them in blankets and put on a girlie movie. Not my guy. He provides me with educational entertainment about pachyderms. The funny thing is that it worked. I wanted to spend time with him, but didn't have energy for much else than watching television. Girlie movies would have kept him away. Watching a documentary was something we could do together that did not require much from either of us. So, even though it was not my first choice, I was glad that that is what we did.

Sometimes we seem like a funny match, even to us. We are quite different in many ways. Dave is a vegetarian. I like steak. Dave wears slacks and dress shirts to the park. I wear shorts. Dave likes silent movies. I like "talkies". After almost seven years of marriage, we seemed to have figured out that those things don't need to matter so much. Learning to respect our differences, finding interest in each other's hobbies, giggling over silly moments: those things seem to keep us crazy about each other.

Anyway, we have a few gems in common.
Our faith and our son.

and Pizza.


Goes On Runs said...

"how did we end up together" is a common phrase in our house as well. i am starting to think that no one is really like their spouse which is why there is conflict in marriage - i want him to be more like me. but i appreciate that that god didn't give me someone like me (most of the time that is).

Tara Whalen said...

This is sweet.

I am noticing you using celebration sets!