Tuesday, February 6, 2007

This morning

I woke up hearing Andrew singing. It was still dark, and he was sweetly singing a little Andrew song. Then I realized he was singing to keep warm.

To protect tenants, New York law says that once it is like 65 outside, it needs to be between 85-90 degrees inside. Ok, I am exaggerating a bit, but usually winter is when we hang out in short sleeve shirts, even tank tops some days. We sleep with the window open a bit. Our heating is out of control....well out of our control at least.

This morning no heat. No hot water. We tried snuggling with Andrew to all stay warm. But, Andrew stinks at snuggling. He thought popping out of the covers and letting cold air in the bed was really funny.

So we got up and bundled up. Andrew is wearing a turtleneck and sweatshirt for the first time this winter (not including trips to Vermont where my parents don't really believe in heat). I have changed sweaters three or four times, excited to put them to use. Drinking tea, baking scones (with cornmeal this time) and reading blogs seem to be keeping me warm. Though it might be the sweaters.

I hear the pipes. The heat is coming back on. Too bad.

This is sorta fun. Like Survivor, with more food and less danger.


Goes On Runs said...

next time bring scones to play time!! loved having you here! i like exclamation marks!!!

Robyn said...

You are right. I should share more. I am such a closet baker.

Ji-Eun said...
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