Thursday, February 22, 2007


So, I have the feeling that Spring is coming.
But, winter never came.
I'm just not ready.

See, I still have a little Vermont in me. Not that I own steal-towed boots or anything. But I feel like I need a good period of snow and cold to anchor myself in the time-passing phenomenon. Otherwise, does it really pass?

Also, winter is prime crafting months. Heavy snowfall encourages quilting. Rain, playing with paper. Bitter cold, baking. I definitely do these things year round, but cold weather and hunkering down encourages my indoor antics. Gorgeous days are for parks and beaches and picnics. All wonderful things, but in much different ways. I need both. A time for picnics, a time for quliting. Both edifying, both needed, but both fulfill different needs.

Anyway, anybody with me on the need for more snow?


Susan said...

What! With kids--are you crazy? I can't wait for stroller-friendly sidewalks and weather that allows me to take the kids out on a moment's notice without a half-hour of winterizing first!

Do you just wish you had a few more chances this year to dig your car out of ice?

Robyn said...

hmmm...all good points....but the fun of sledding ,and snowman building and the comraderie of it all is so mcuh fun!

Anonymous said...

Robyn, you should just come and visit good ol' Lyndonville for a few days... we are up to our ears in snow! However, I am loving it and totally love the feeling of a quilt I'm making draped over my lap or goodies baking in the oven while the snow is gently falling. Mmmm... and hot chocolate after the sledding and snowman building is the best! --Loralee

Robyn said...

Thanks Loralee! I knew you'd back me!