Thursday, February 22, 2007


I used to think that Picasso's greatness was that he COULD draw well, he just chose not to. He was above it all. Recognizable images? forget it. Things that are comfortable and pleasing to look at? Nah. Let's push the bar...and go crazy doing it!

Now I know better, but not much better. Those reflections on Picasso were during adolesence, and since college, some fine arts courses and many visits to MOMA I have come to really appreciate his work. I like how vibrant and alive it is. I feel triumph when I find something in his paintings that is not blantantly obvious (oh! that's a vase!). I feel like the act of just looking at one of his paintings is so involved. Like a conversation. Or watching a movie. Listening to a song. There is this whole time element involved. A quick glance and you leave thinking that his greatness is in the fact that he cannot draw. More time and more unfolds. That said I have an extremely rudimentary understanding of Picasso and his work. But, this understanding that I do have shows me that even though I often feel like I am still an adolecent, I have proof of growth (you know, besides being married, having a baby and all that concrete stuff). I now like Picasso.

How did all this Pondering Picasso come up? When making these cards I could not get anything straight. It all looks so crooked to me. And then I thought: Don't worry. The people receiving these cards will think, 'her greatness is in that she CAN do straight, she just choses not to.'

You know, being above the whole straight thing, and all.


Tara said...

Call me crooked, but I LOVE these cards!!!!! Robyn Ricasso.

Tara Whalen said...

I love these cards too!