Wednesday, February 21, 2007


On days like today it could turn out either way: I could end up feeling like Superwoman, or I could end up feeling extremely frustrated.

The Goal? Get four boxes to the post office.
The Obstacle? Get four boxes to the post office which is 10 blockes away, with the toddler, avoiding puddles, balancing boxes on stroller and without dropping the boxes so often that it becomes annoying.
The Reward? Soooo cool. Cookies in the mail. Sending little (or big) boxes of love to people I love. Definitely worth it (heck, with the Christmas boxes, it was raining out! add: manage umbrella and stroller cover to the above list!).

There was a fine line. There usually is. When pushed a bit I could end up creativity managing problems, overcoming difficulties and feeling awesome about it. OR, I could get overwhelmed, want to give up, and feel defeated. Sometimes there is a little of both. And ALWAYS, I wonder how much control do I have over this? Do I CHOOSE to feel like Superwoman? Do I CHOOSE to feel defeated? Probably sometimes. I have definitely had frustrating things happen and choose the latter because I wanted a little love. An extra hug. A steaming mug of hot chocolate. Some TLC. But, I honestly think that sometimes the result chooses me. The superwoman (or defeated) feeling settles in. IT comes to ME.

I was thinking about the challenges of living in the city as I was managing my way to the Post Office. And then I thought: Wait a minute! Lots of boxes are hard for anyone to get to the post office. I was thinking about my Sister In Law, who would bring a bevy of day care kids with her when she had to mail a package. She put them all in a little red wagon and pulled them behind her in line. I wonder if after that she felt like a Superwoman, or if she felt defeated. I should have asked her.

So what happened? It went well. The boxes only fell once. All the curbes had curb cuts so I wasn't bumping the stroller along. And I used the do-it-yourself booth which had NO line.

Today: Superwoman.
Tomorrow? I'll keep you posted.


Tara Whalen said...

You are totally a superwoman! Sending cookies to us all is definately an act of a superstar!
I love you.

Tara said...

Chuck will be proud to know that he has an actual superhero as a sister. NYC is no match for SuperWoman!...and having baby Superman in the front of the stroller is a bonus! Love, TARA