Friday, March 23, 2007

Join me!

in saying Happy Anniversary to my Mom and Dad! 39 years, yo.

very proud!

prizes to be given out to commenters that say something nice about my mom and dad.
extra points awarded if you have never met them!!!

p.s. this photo is 27 years old and my Dad still has those clothes!


Tara Whalen said...

Yeah! Happy Anniversary guys! Hope you have a fabulous weekend.
Love Tara

Susan said...

Well, it's pretty hard to say something nice about people you've never met . . . Thirty-nine years is pretty impressive and I hope Eric and I have as much to show for it when we've been raising a family that long!

Tara said...

You gotta give a guy credit who can still fit into the same clothes he wore 27 years ago. Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Dill! Is that a younger, more girly version of Andrew you're holding? Looks a lot like him. :-) Tara

Goes On Runs said...

tara's comment it too perfect. whose husband can still fit in the clothes they were wearing five years ago? unless you are my husband who keeps losing MY baby weight.
i think your mom's sweater might have come back in style :)