Thursday, March 8, 2007

Messy Chocolate Merriment

So, I was chatting with Dave last night about this blog. This seems to be a week of insecurity (yuck! yuck! yuck!) and I was asking him what he thought about all this online hullabalou. not something really to bring up during a week of insecurity. But he had a suggestion.

He thought that my pictures and words should MATCH!!

What? So, as a kindergarten teacher I would teach that basic skill to my little readers at the beginning of the year. "If it is a picture of messy chocolate merriment, then it would probably SAY 'messy chocolate merriment'". Most of them could figure that out with me telling them, but there would be the inevitable lightbulbs dimly coming to life over just enough kids to make the lesson worth going over. "ooohhhhh!"

But here? hmmmm.....

I read a lot of crafty blogs. I love them. But, I love the pics of their stuff. I don't need to read, "first I creamed the butter and the sugar". So, I guess I think if I were just writing about crafty-coolness and not about life in general it would be a dry boring read. Unless I tried to stretch some analogies. "Life is like being star-shaped shortbread and then you get smeared with chocolate" which sounds like a nice life to me.

So, I thought I would ask my readers.
What do you think?

The options are:
a) pictures and words should match
b) pictures and words should sometimes match
c) words should at least mention pictures breifly for context purposes
d) pictures and words should never match
e) Robyn, you are so cool. I feel insecure too sometimes and should admit that more.

Have your votes in before tomorrow's post!

or else,

the pictures and words might not match.


Tara Whalen said...

"Life is like being star-shaped shortbread and then you get smeared with chocolate" which sounds like a nice life to me.
Until someone takes a bite...ouch.

I love your blog just the way it is, just like you. I love that you feel safe enough to share these day with those of us who care about you. We all have days/weeks like this, and it feels horrible. But I think that during these days/weeks we tend to self critic, and I don't think that that is always a bad thing. Use this time for the good, find those things you love, and cling tightly.

All of us here love you!

Anonymous said...

I will chime in, a first for me. :) I don't think the pictures and words need to match. I always enjoy reading your blog, and I think the pictures and the words are both worth coming back to check out. Your pictures add life and sparkle (not to mention visual interest), and I would much rather read your thoughts on life than recipes. (Especially since you share recipes when requested.)
PS - I'm also having an insecure week myself. I'm trying to encourage myself to just keep writing.

Goes On Runs said...

the insecure weeks spreads all around, just like chocolate. keep it as is..... interesting, funny, lovable, and real.

Susan said...

Don't change anything! I love seeing what you're up to and hearing what you are thinking and I don't care if the two have anything to do with each other. It's okay to talk about the craft, but since I started reading this blog one of the most boring entries to me was the one about rub ons (or whatever those sticker things were). I don't scrapbook. Just looking at your pictures is cool enough for me.

And those cookies look awesome--Eric thinks I'm going to get fat if we become neighbors.

Deanna said...
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Deanna said...

You don't know me and I don't remember how I found your blog but I enjoy peeking in and reading... my vote is for e! I know that if I haven't already experienced what you wrote about, I probably will soon. :)

Tara said...

My answer is totally "E." Do whatever you want Dill, that is the beauty of having your own unique blog. Looks like you're attracting a bigger fan base too. I love your pictures, and often they tell their own story, plus we get the added bonus of a written story. Match smatch - that's for boring people. Not to say that matching is bad, because sometimes it's nice, but it's just not necessary ALL the time. I'm impressed with all the fresh material and interactive fun you have provided for your readers on a consistent basis. You want new ideas? I have a couple, but won't write them out on here in case they are completely stupid (there's that insecurity thing). Blog on my friend, blog on.

Geesh, after all this feedback, poor Dave isn't going to want to give you advice anymore.

Anonymous said...

I am not one to post on blogs but I have wanted to post on your blog many times that I enjoy it so much! Don't change a thing. Your blog always gives me something to think about and makes me smile. The way you are able to express thoughts really makes sense to me. Thanks for sharing!

Lorie said...

My answer is "E".

Keep doing what your doing; it's great!

We all have to have times of self doubt insecurity), so we can strive to do better. I think this is where life goals come from and part of what makes life worth living.

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like it is unanimous anyway, but I wanted to add my two cents. I love reading your posts AND looking at the pictures. And the pictures DO have to do with what you write anyway, because both represent that day.

That said, definitely E.

And do you know that you inspire me to want to put my own crafts and thoughts on paper (or blogosphere)??? That's a pretty amazing accomplishment.