Wednesday, March 7, 2007


I am a fickle person. It goes with the whole "I want people to like me" driving force.

I have been thinking about that as far as it affects my identity. I am who I think that you think I am. If I think that you think I'm quiet and shy, then I am! If I think that you think that I am wild and quirky, okay! Soooo wierd.

The truth?
I am quiet and shy.
I am quirky and super silly.
I am creative, but no award winning artist here.
I am productive, but lazy too.
I am smart. I am naieve.
I don't know how to spell naieve.

When I talk to one friend I feel smart and witty. Another and I feel tongue tied.

Maybe all this time to myself (and my kiddo) gets me thinking about community more, because I appreciate it so much more. But the effects of community are so multi-layered. I get ideas from community. Hugs, food, kind remarks and....even a self concept.

That's a lot of pressure guys. Can you handle it?


Susan said...

I detect a note of "is there something wrong with this?" in this post, so let me try to turn it into a compliment for you (since I know you love compliments).

The great thing about being friends with you is that you are able to be all of those things depending on how I'm feeling. If I'm pregnant and cranky you're mellow and in the mood to clean my bathroom. If I'm feeling excited, you let me dance to Billy Joel in your kitchen. If I'm feeling really, really not myself, you persuade me to rap nursery rhymes. I don't have many friends who let me be myself regardless of what that "self" might be on a particular day.

Way to go.

Or maybe we're both just weird.

Goes On Runs said...

we weren't meant to be without community. it grounds us and gets us out of head..... where we all struggle to figure out who we are. community helps reorient us back to truth. you are all those things and more....