Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A bad day...

I am working on potty training Andrew. Well, I like to think of it as Potty Training Lite. Nothing crazy. No M&M's or anything, just teaching the concept that Dry Is Nice. I myself, love being dry. I mean, what's not to love? The trouble is that Andrew pees every 15 minutes all morning long. Or so it seems. Which means we are wearing down the pathway to the bathroom with our constant trips down the hall. This morning, he tinkled in the potty, and I threw a party in his honor. I danced around and jumped and yelled things like, "Yippeee!!! You went pee pee in the potty!!!" All this sort of makes me feel sad for people without kids. There is something to be said for being perfectly comfortable with making a fool of yourself.

Anyway, Andrew loves parties in his honor and thought that maybe anything landing in the potty would elicite that reaction.

So, he tried my socks.

and a few toys.

Unfortunately for my little scientist, it didn't work. No parties. Just stern looks and the Serious Voice.

I was beginning to think I might be having a bad day. Besides my socks getting the toilet bath, I was running behind on my work-work and had to clean up several yellow puddles. I forgot to add things to this morning's load of laundry and will now need to do another load. I was just beginning to sigh a 'woah is me' sigh when I has an epiphany.

My bad days now are great!

I would take this kind of bad day over pre-Andrew bad days... well, anyday.

I can make tea midmorning. I can pee without asking another adult if they don't mind watching my class. I can work at home and take breaks by reading "One Hungry Monster" to my blue eyed cutie. I can spend an embarrassing amount of time baking, scrapbooking and crafting it up in general.

So, bring it on, Andrew. I can take ya.

In fact, I'd love to.

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Ji-Eun said...

You & your kid bring joy to my heart!