Saturday, April 7, 2007

Besides the Baskets...

Other Easter memories:

Every year there was an Easter pagent. My mom played Mary and sung the solo that everyone would remember and talk about afterwards. I was always worried that the man who played Jesus was going to expose more than he wanted in his ancient-times underwear.

My mom would make a forsytheia wreath for me to wear at the Easter pagent. I would get so excited about it that as soon as the bush was in bloom in our backyard I would pester her to make it. She always stubbornly put it off until the day before the pagent, claiming that the flowers would dry up and fall off. Funny how that stuff doesn't make sense when you are 6.

Our kid Easter photos are a tribute to
a) 70's and 80's dress wear fashion
b) my mother's sewing ability. Not only did she make our Easter dresses, but she would make my brother an Easter suit! You should have seen the lapel on some of them!
c) where we were living. My Dad was military and although most of the photos I remember were in Virginia and we stood by the dogwood, there was the photo of us in South Dakota with our dresses inflated by the constant wind.

Funny how so many holiday memories revolve around my mother.
Good work, Mom.

No pressure, Robyn.

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