Friday, April 6, 2007

So I know that Easter is all about Jesus...

but those baskets are just too much fun. My mom was Easter Basket Queen. My dad even would get one filled with gourmet cheeses. They still exchange Easter baskets every year. Dave and I are not that on the ball. Our first married Easter I had this cool basket all ready for Dave. Nothing crazy. Some organic granola, dried fruit, you know, just silly stuff that he likes. When he saw that something might be brewing as far as Easter Gift Giving was concerned he panicked and went to WalMart. He got what could find. Some Pringles. A Lunchables. and....a Used Bible Wordsearch. Yup, used. Poor guy had no idea that gifts were expected on Easter. And silly me didn't know any different.

So, Easter morning I feined excitement about the chips and crackers, but when I saw that the wordsearch had been used I don't think I could hide my disappointment. I think we dropped Easter Gift Giving for a few years after that.

Anyway, I've decided we should take it back up again. I love gift giving. And, from years of training, love gift receiving. So last year I hinted at Easter morning bunny slippers. And the Bunny delivered! This year I am upping the ante. For the past couple of weeks I have been dropping major Easter hints about possible basket fillings. Again, nothing crazy. Just little bits of love, Robyn style. You know, like bubble bath.

So yesterday Dave tells me that my Easter Basket privileges have expired and I need to renew them annually. He said I was late with the paperwork this year, so my chances at an Easter Basket are not looking good.

We still joke about the Used Bible Wordsearch. He claims that it was done in pencil and I could have just erased it all. Somehow that doesn't seem like a whole lot of Easter fun to me.

Anyway, Andrew will have a few Easter gifts. Though we don't have a basket for him. I don't think he'll miss it.

If you see Dave, and you think Easter Baskets for grown-ups are still a good idea...drop a little hint. But, if you see me and think I should grow up about the whole thing, just smile and accept me as the flawed Jesus-needer that I am!


Tara said...

I'm 31 and I still get an Easter basket. My mom can't stop. I can't say I'm complaining though, because she's awesome at it, and I do love getting it. I feel much better about it since I started giving her a pretty awesome basket each each year for the past several years. The bunny lives on...Happy Easter Dill, Dave and Drew!

Robyn said...

I knew you'd back me on this!

Tara Whalen said...

I love your card! It's beautiful.

Goes On Runs said...

the boys both have baskets... just no gifts. i think we do it for sure next year... this year i dropped the ball....john's mom sent us some easter basket stuff.... it just hasn't arrived yet.