Thursday, April 5, 2007

Blog Value

About two years ago I was sitting in my Bible Study and we were going around with prayer requests. The girl next to me started by saying, "well, my blog is going really well." What? What sort of prayer request intro is that? Isn't that like saying, I have been writing in my journal frequently? Which, of course, has it's merits, but as a prayer request? I didn't really get the blog thing. I think I even asked someone on the side to clarify what it was exactly.

Now I get it. And, I guess, if pressed, I would admit that I have prayed about it too.

When I got back from my trip to Vermont there was a lot for me to catch up on. Despite the SIX (!!!) loads of laundry at my folks' (my mom mentioned a possible overuse of their leech-field...ahhh, the country), I had more to catch up on when I got back. Plus the work-work that I do (the stuff I get paid for) and you can forget housecleaning. I'll have to post again next week about the joys of mopping. Anyway, near the top of the list was to catch up on the blogs.

I love them. I love the eavesdropping it provides. The fun little bits of life. I catch up with friends that blog. I see what cards people have made. I read about new haircuts, kids learning to dress themselves and my niece informing others of the intricacies of biology. I have about 20 that I 'subscribe' to...some just to look at their photos, others are good writers, and the folks I know and care about (who, of course, are excellent at photography AND writing).

But, I love to blog myself. You might have guessed that at the frequency with which I post. But yesterday I was ruminating about seeing that old friend and NEEDED to write about it. Needed to throw it out there into the void to see if anyone else knew what I was talking about. I could have journaled about the experience, and afterwards thought that that might have been a better route. But now, I am glad I did throw it out there. I am a sucker for vunerability. I get so much from this process. Connection, reflection, motivation to get crafty, and just this sense of being heard. Of expressing. Even if I am not *quite* sure who the audience is.

Anyway, if you don't have a blog (Chuck!! Lorie!! Znoj! Loralee!!), you should.

And who knows? My Bible study friend got a book deal from her blog.
A sure sign of answered prayer.


Tara Whalen said...

I am very thankful that you had me start one. I love the ability to write through what I am thinking. Funny, stressful, everyday living.

So thank you!

I also love to read your stuff everyday. Good job, sis. Keep it up.

Susan said...

Eric thinks we should write a book together. What do you say? Next time you meet a publisher at one of your fancy New York parties, maybe you could pitch the idea . . .

Robyn said...

a book about....potty training? using egg timers with time out (which is working on my end...not sure about Andrew's end...will keep you posted)? scrapbooking? um....Susan...unless things have changed drastically and I have inspired you more than I don't scrapbook. So....I'd love to, but about what?

and publish, smublish...we'd figure that out. I know people that know people that...well, you know..

Goes On Runs said...

who got a book deal?

i love your photos.....

i make myself laugh...that's why i blog.