Friday, May 4, 2007

And a point for the city...

In this never-ending point battle I have in the "City-Versus-Not-The-City" duke-out, the city comes out ahead today.

I get an online scrapbook 'zine that posts weekly challenges. This week's challenge was to use something that you have not used in a while. Something that was collecting dust.


Here's where the city comes out ahead.

I live with husband and toddler in a small space. We pretty much have a room to sleep in, and a room to be awake in. Often, this very reason deems the city less than ideal, but not today.

See, not having a ton of space, means you cannot have a ton of stuff. Everything you have, you have for a reason. We are constantly determining and re-determinig what has enough value to stay. A shirt I didn't wear all winter? Give it to the Salvation Army. That cord that neither of knows what it goes to, or where it came from? Throw it away. I love that. I love that things are fairly well organized. I know where things are. And I love not being afraid to get rid of stuff. We don't have space for the Maybe-We'll-Use-It-Someday or the Someone-Might-Want-This. There is something lovely and simple to that. It's nicely freeing.

So, I thought, I don't have any scrapbooking things collecting dust. What I have I use. Right?


In the middle of my Pats on the Back for Being Organized, I found a box. I thought it was just ribbon. But floating around in the ribbon were forgotten crafting trinkets. oops. I found these little metal-edged squares, and, if I were pressed, I would admit that I didn't know I had them.

So, I guess, even those of us in small spaces, still find spots here and there to stash the Things We'll Get To Someday.

and I look forward to the Day to Get To Them.


Paula said...

Great page & so fresh.

Ann(i)e said...

great that you got all those pictures on there!!!
i too vote city most days!

Ronda P. said...

I have those same tags collecting dust too! way cool you got to use them!