Sunday, May 6, 2007

Cars and Chocolate

Our car is smushed.

yup. smushed.

We were out for a stroll on Friday night and thought we would walk by the car to check for a ticket. Our relief at not having a ticket was quickly followed by curiousity. Why does our car look like an accordian?

A woman without good steering/reason/vision hit four cars on that block. One car she got twice. She side-swiped it, went up on the curb and then backed back into it. Then she rear-ended the car behind us, pushing our car into the truck in front of us.


We've only had it for a month. Why couldn't she have hit our old car?

So, we don't know who she is. Just that she is a she. She woke up enough neighbors with her trailblazing that she revealed her gender, but nothing else.

Strangely, I am not too terribly bummed by it. I saw the car and thought: well, Dave will take care of this. And he is. We had plans to go out of town this weekend, but strolled our hood and explored Dumbo instead. We saw parts of the Five Borough Bike Tour going on...and the traffic that it was causing. So we were relieved to be getting around sans car today.

Dumbo (Down-Under-(the)Manhattan-Bridge-Overpass) is wonderful. Old buildings. Cute shops. Famous pizza. And chocolate.

Honestly, there's nothing that a littleJacques Torres can't cure.


Goes On Runs said...

and yet no pic of the car.... i have to admit that the wicked hot chocolate is some yummy stuff. missed you at church. sorry about the car....

Tara Whalen said...

Great page!