Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Challenge

To make a scrapbook page about yourself.


I bet you think with all this blogging, daily proof that I am creative and productive and generally awesome, that making a scrapbook page about myself would be no sweat. Easy sneezy, so to speak.

But I keep picturing friends and family looking through the scrapbook, admiring the beauty that is Andrew, and then come across "Robyn: Super Mom Extraordinaire!" You know that they will roll their eyes. Turn the page and sigh thinking "the blog was bad enough, now this?"

But....you see...I love, love, love pics of my mom when she had the little ones swinging from her apron strings. I love seeing her smiling, enjoying motherhood, proof that even though I was to later inflict pain through teen angst, claiming independence and all that comes with that, that at least I know that when I was swinging from her apron strings she was having a ton of fun. I'm sure she had her days...well, I KNOW she had her days (and mom, this is not an invitation to share embarrassing stories of my childhood), but in the pictures there is so much proof of joy in her mothering. And some of that I know through memories, but I love the pictures. Solid proof.

and, seeing 1970's fashion is a beautiful thing, in and of itself.

So, maybe I should do that for Andrew. He might not want to see it. He might not care who I am and what I am about. I mean, it takes a while to get to that. I'm not even sure that he knows we are separate people yet. But, if he does...if he wants to know about The Brooklyn Years, and more specifically, Mom During The Brooklyn Years...I should have things to show him. word?

So the actual challenge was: make a scrapbook page about how beautiful you are. Yeah. I am no where near that yet. I'm not sure I'll ever be, but at least I can show him proof about all the baking I did.

I mean you guys know all about it.
Future Andrew should to.


Susan said...

Robyn! You've been baking so much you turned into a scone!

Oh, sorry--I was just trying to find the pictures of YOU on those pages.

Maybe some of your talented friends can help out by sending you pages for Andrew's book about how beautiful and talented you are.

Maybe I could send you a page--that should inspire you to make something yourself just as a replacement :)

Ali said...

Love this step Robyn - totally proud of you. I think that your little guy will love reading stories about you that you wrote someday down the line - no one else but you can tell your own story. Way to go.

Wendy said...

I love, love, love your page!

Paula said...

I scanned up & down the blog trying to find photos of you!!
Fab page & it is after all the esscence of you & that is what makes us beautiful. Very clever take on the theme.x

Wendy said...

Yes Robyn! This was the layout I was copying! I'm so glad you let me know. I really like your layouts too. I'll point over to your layout from my blog.