Friday, May 25, 2007

Having a craft blog means...

Your mom calls with requests like:

Can you quilt a banner for my work? We are going on a fund raising walk and I think it would be nice if you quilted a banner.

What? Quilts are heirlooms. Quilts get snuggled under and hung on walls. Quilts could be banners, and maybe if I were all into quilting now and had a sewing room and Andrew became marathon napper then maybe that could happen. But none of those things are true right now. So, as much as I hate to disappoint my mother (which, I think she might know and use to her benefit...), I had to decline the making of Quilt Banner.

a couple of days later:

How about some cookies for the bake sale? I told the girls at work you would make some cookies.

That seems reasonable. So, here they are. Cookies for the bake sale.

My mom also made cookies for the bake sale. Though last night she told me that my dad has eaten most of them.
I suggested she charge him and give the money to the bake sale.

Anyway, off to visit lots of parents and one newborn this weekend. Have a marvelous Memorial Day Weekend.

Be generous to your local bake sales.

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Goes On Runs said...

can we have one at church and just not charge money....oh wait that's what the church picnic is for... are you bringing yummies?