Monday, May 21, 2007

The Weekend

This was a busy weekend. Not much time for crafting or blogging and I am feeling all backed up with stories to share. I've tried writing this post about four times and have deleted them all. Can't seem to get things out well.

Let's just say that this weekend I,
learned how to write in italics and bold.
was tagged by a blogger that I've never met (for the first time!)
used photoshop to digitally alter a picture (digital scrapbooking, sort of...)
went to a baby shower, brought dinner to the family of a newborn and got news another friend was in labor (congrats, Loralee!)
called my parents, who were 5 states away, to help me find my husband, who was 30 yards away (oye vey)
made preemptive thank you notes for Andrew's birthday (so if you like these, start thinking, "hmmmm...what do 2 year olds like?)
rushed my cousin through the Met (No time for VanGogh! Andrew is fussy! Look while we race by!)
other little things that might not be interesting to the larger populus.

It was a good weekend. I'm pooped.

Glad the week is finally here.

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