Monday, May 21, 2007

Job and Life

So, I would like some input. I'm curious what you think.

I got an email from a friend, whom I have been writing to with my Woe-Is-Me musings about my Urban Bondage. Well, maybe bondage isn't a great word for it. But, sometimes it feels like a great word for it. Anyway, she off-handedly mentioned that maybe job should not determine where one lives.

What? Is that possible?

She totally opened this gi-normous can of worms (good for composting...) and then proceeded to go into labor. Anyway, this got Dave and I thinking and discussing and mulling all weekend about Job::Life.

The nature of Dave's work means he needs to work somewhat urban-ly. So we will need to live near a city, but not necessarily in one. His field is absolutely perfect for him. A fantastic match. And, of course, I want him to happy at work. It is actually to my benefit that he is happy at work. And, of course, I love him and want him happy, fulfilled, needed and all that...

So, Students of Life. Here are the questions. Feel free to chose more than one, but keep your responses to no more than 1200 words, single spaced and with a complete bibliography, if needed.
1. How much of life should be determined by work?
2. Is it more important to live in a place where you are happy or have a job you like...if you had to chose?
3. Will I ever leave New York?
4. Does taking a job that is less than ideal to get the family where we want to live in the hopes of finding the ideal job in a year or two make sense? Or would the repercussions to the resume be too much?
5. Do I sound crazy and obsessed or amazingly astute and adorable?

What is funny, is that all this ruminating has done incredible things for my spirit. I feel great right now. I know I don't particularly want to live here and that doesn't make me a crazy-ball. Weird, right? Finding peace by accepting that I don't want to be here. Weird.

Who cares, though, how I came by the peace. I am just thrilled to have it.

Anyway, have your answers in to me by Wednesday.

Should there be a prize involved with this?
You can answer that one for extra credit.


Lynn said...

Great layout! Thanks for playing along!

one little word

Anonymous said...

Do you really want input from someone who's entire life and where she lived was determined by where her husband's job told him to go--18 times in 22 years? Bloom where you are planted-but Boston is a nice place to bloom.

Robyn said...

Actually MOM, I especially want your input. Silly McSilly. You are an all time pro at this!

Susan said...

I think the job probably does (and should) matter more to Dave. Especially in that he is in a very specialized field that he LOVES. If he were just an accountant, that would be different.

I think location probably matters more to you because you and Andrew have to be in that location all day. This is why we are paying higher-than-necessary rent next year to stay in the neighborhood I love rather than moving close to Eric's work (in the suburbs--we have the opposite problem of most people).

I also think that married couples usually want the other's best happiness--so maybe the question for you is do you hate New York more than Dave loves his job. OR, will you love the suburbs of Boston enough to justify how much less Dave could potentially like a job there?

In answer to the other questions:
You will probably leave New York (once Dave is retired you can go wherever you want)

I think you are very astute.

I definitely want a prize, especially if it will help get Abe off your hands :)

Robyn said...

thanks yo.

and Q!!! Happy Birthday!

Gigi said...

love the layout!

& i just moved out of downtown brooklyn a bit ago (the real estate just got way too pricey for us) enjoy every bit of it for me!! the red zinger iced tea at lassen & hennigs on montague was always my favorite during the summer :)