Saturday, June 9, 2007


Great day. Great picnic. Good crowd. Nice weather. Andrew had a great time. He really did. This is my photo for today. It's funny because I did all these little things to make the picnic nice. And it worked. I think the little things did make the picnic nice...but I didn't get pictures of them. How funny. I didn't really take many pictures at all, and that is odd because lately I have been a total camera geek. It was Dave that took the pictures today and he wouldn't think to get pictures of the food and the little labels for the food and the goodie bags. But instead, he got pictures of kids playing and adults laughing and people having a good time. Oh, right. That's what all this is

So, after everything quieted down, I sat down and uploaded the photos, thinking that there weren't going to be many gems in the bunch. And I found this. I love it. I haven't liked many of the photos of Andrew and me in a while and I love this one. It is just so much fun because we were having so much fun.

So, you'll have to just imagine the fabulous details.
Trust me, they were fabulous.


Goes On Runs said...

they were totally fabulous!

Firefly said...

I love this picture of you and Andrew. Imagine how much the world would change if everyone grew up with a mother who looked at them liked that--so delighted.