Thursday, June 28, 2007

Loaves, Fishes and um, Boxes

Today is The Day. The last shower. The last breakfast. The last nap.
Well, in this apartment anyway.

God seems to be helping out today in Lovely Ways. It's funny because I can go months when I think God maybe went on vacation. But today one thing after another has been Beautiful Little Miracles.

I used to think it was silly to think that God would work through small things. Now it reminds me how completely personal he is. How thoroughly we are loved.

Robyn's List of Beautiful Little Miracles:
1. I am calm today.
2. A friend agreed to come and take my Cranky Overwhelmed Toddler to the park for about an hour and a half.
3. That was the most productive hour and a half of my life.
4. I ran out of boxes, but found other things I could use to carry things.
5. I found more boxes.
6. Solutions to Packing Problems came quickly and easily.
7. I easily found the jar of peanut butter, and the jam, and the bread and a knife so I could make Andrew a sandwich.
8. I feel ready. Just a few more things and we are good to go.

It really is remarkable. I know that the things on the list are subtle miracles. I know it is just a list of a good day. But the peace I feel today makes me think that God has his hand in these subtle miracles. Which is a great feeling. Because I'm worried. Like I mentioned before, I'm worried where things will go. But I am also worried about the things that you don't know about a new place until you have lived there a few days. Like mice. and Roaches. and noisy neighbors. and poor water pressure. and just a general feeling of Unsafe. But, feeling such peace today about this last day of packing makes me think that not only is God's hand in helping me figure out that all my pillows fit into my empty hamper, but that the new place will be alright. Maybe there will be mice. But, we'll take care of it.

There won't be anything we can't handle.
And this place is just right for us.


Goes On Runs said...

can i have those boxes when you finally unpack them? i can't wait to see the new place & do a praise dance w/ you!!! i am so thankful that dave got a shot of the closet... it really helped me visualize the place. happy moving!

Robyn said...

consider the boxes yours, Kathy! Though, I might need a few days. ;)

Thanks so much for all the Sweet Family help. you guys were great!