Friday, June 29, 2007

Younger and Wiser

The family is in coping mode.

Yesterday was the Big Haul. We had a rocky start. When Andrew saw his crib being taken apart he clung to it crying, as if to say, "Not this too!!" He was easily distracted however by a large bowl of ice cream.

That's right. We're all for bribes in this house. Especially when everyone is suffering from fatigue and stress.

Anyway, once we got to the new place and the crib was immediately re-assembled, calm was restored.

Now we here, and happy and more tired than I ever remember being. And my part in the Big Haul had little to do with actually hauling. It had more to do with directing and parenting and organizing and feeding people. But, I am tired none the less.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you various coping strategies the Rice Family has been exercising.

Andrew: sleep. He has had a four hour nap every day this week. It is his refuge. It is my Pull It Together time. It is perfect.

Me: I just found a Coping Station about 8 blocks away. We walked there just now and I had to hide my Raspberry Mocha Frapiccino from Andrew. The whipped cream and red swirly stuff is just too tempting...for any of us, I guess.

Dave: Focus. Plow through. Get this done. Then, watch Letterman.

I think that in this instance Andrew is the wisest. He handles this the best of all of us. His solution is cheap, easy, healthy and restorative.

But my solution tastes great.

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