Sunday, June 24, 2007

On your mark...

June is wild and crazy. I knew it would be, and it is.

In June we had Andrew's birthday. I got a new project and was permantently hired at my job. I spent last week at the Jersey Shore. We found an apartment and got the keys on Friday! and this last week of June, we pack and move.

My head has been spinning (except for the week at the spinning there...except on the go-carts that I took my nephew on...). Yesterday Dave and I drove back from the Jersey Shore, stopped at Sears to check out washers and dryers!!!!, and stopped in the new apartment. After a week of living in more luxary than I have ever had in any of my apartments (two car parking, disposal, dish washer, porches and yes, a washer and dryer...) I had really built up what the new place looked like in my head. Walking in, I was totally disappointed. It had just been painted and there were paint drips on the floor. It was dirty. But, it was bigger than I remembered. And way more sunlight. I kept thinking Dave had turned the lights on. But it was the Sun. Wow. My plants are going to love this.

So, we got all motivated and went home for cleaning supplies and spent the afternoon scrubbing. Dave got the paint off the floor and I did some major cleaning magic. Now we are excited.

So, here's the deal, loyal readers. Crafting has to be put on hold for at least a week, maybe more. I know. Believe me, this hurts me way more than it hurts you. But, in my need for processing the packing/moving progress, I have to blog. Especially after last week's silence. And what is a blog entry without a photo? Are you following this? So, here is the solution. I plan on cheating. Yup. Completely living a lie. Well, sort of.

See, beach week was also a scrapbooking marathon. Everyday, Andrew and I would head back from the sand and surf to wash up. Then he would nap (except for Wednesday! What was with that??), and I would craft it up. Just like we were back home. It was great. So, I'll be posting photos from what I did there this week. See how that it totally cheating? And there might be the occasional packing photo thrown in the mix. You know, just for fun.

Sound good?

And further good news. My now place not only has great photography sunlight, my kitchen has white counters! So the pics of the baked goods will have that quiet feel.

Is it crazy to choose an apartment based on the blogging potential?


Seeking La Loba said...

Welcome back. I missed you this week. :) Need help packing?

Firefly said...

I missed you, too. I wish I could help you pack, but I'm pretty worthless in that department from cross-country. Good luck to you! Can't wait to see pictures!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you are going to hate those white counters. Believe me. The blogging advantage will be nothing on the extra cleaning time. Sorry--that's pretty pessimistic, but I'm catching up here, so I'll post something more positive later!