Sunday, July 8, 2007

A Good Fit

In New York there are a lot of places that I am shy to go into merely because I am not certain I will fit inside. I am not a notably large person, but sometimes I feel like a large Family System, complete with stroller and active, noisy toddler. There are places where the Whole System doesn't fit. I have actually been asked to leave a store, because I didn't fit inside. Well, because the stroller et al. didn't fit. Embarrassing, but reasonable, I guess.

One of the places I was hesitant to frequent was the library near our old apartment. There was a maze of tables and chairs to be navigated through before reaching the small selection of books appropriate for Andrew. It was one of the places I felt large and cumbersome. I hate feeling large and cumbersome. And the offerings were not worth the chair-and-table moving efforts. Yesterday we went to the library near our new place. I think the door actually flew open to welcome us. It was a completely different experience.

The attitude of the library wasn't: Toddlers might come. Let's have a few board books just in case.

The attitude was: We want toddlers! Let's have a room just for them with an enormous selection of board books. Let's have a rug in the center of the room and a selection of toys to borrow.

It was incredible.

Lately I have been more aware and reflective of space and stuff and how they affect me. Although I have thought about this a lot, I have no ground breaking insights, except to say that: Space and Stuff affect me. A welcoming space, is, well, welcoming. It means I want to go there. It means that by living near a beautiful, welcoming library, I will go, and check out books, and become a smarter, more well read person.

Anyway, all this to say that I am glad to live near a library where I fit inside.

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Goes On Runs said...

did you know that if they dont' have a book you would like to check out that they can request it from any branch and have it delivered to your branch. cool huh?!