Monday, July 9, 2007


is too hot to think. so, too hot to write. But, I guess not too hot to sew. Or iron the fabric I was working with. In this case, the picture looks a lot better than the real deal. I need to do a little more work on these, but now I don't have to look at the psychic studio across the street unless I want to. And they can only see me if I want them too.

Progress is seeping in. Little by little.
Just slow enough that I have to pay attention to notice.


Firefly said...

"I have to pay attention to notice."

I think that sums up why I like reading your blog. You're darn good at it. It soothes me and inspires me.

Plus, I know you and love you and I like hearing about your life this way. For that reason, when I pull up 3 Peas in Brooklyn, I feel like I'm getting the autographed copy.

Goes On Runs said...

i love your photos!