Friday, July 20, 2007

I love today.

If I had to do today over again, I'd say, "great! I'll do it!"

I know you are suppose to say that about bad days, but honestly, why would we want to do those over? Bad days just make me want to go to bed and be done with it.

Today is a day I could do over and over again.

Why? It's a great day.
I'm back. I'm in the swing of things. When I woke up this morning, I knew what my fam would be eating for all three meals. I have everything to make those three meals. I worked this morning, was done by 11:15, spent time wrestling with Andrew, and then made 10 of these cards.

The frantic is gone and replaced with normal. And normal is so totally, wonderfully exciting.

And it is not too hot.

Don't get me wrong. There were definitely sour parts about today. At 9:30 Andrew was taking his second bath of the day because of things that I won't tell you because I don't want to scare away readers-without-kids. Or worse, scare away readers from having kids. And the "no" symphony plays on. And he spent naptime whining. But, I feel like my reserves are filled again. I am not spent. I can take the messes and stresses because I feel good and balanced and like me again.

I love when Balance stops for a visit.
Now to convince him to stay...


Goes On Runs said...

please stay mr. balance....and come visit my house...soon.

Kirsten said...

The card (and cookies) look even better in person. :) Thanks!