Monday, July 23, 2007


Today is Monday, day to clean.

Today I *mopped* under beds. This is my life of luxury. Read that again, but without a sarcastic tone. Because I am totally serious.

I think it is so luxurious to have the space under my bed empty. The space under Andrew's crib is empty. We are not storing things under furniture in this apartment and it feels really luxurious. It looks so much better without things crammed into available nooks and crannies. I love that there are spaces with nothing in them. There is a 3 foot spot between the china cabinet and the door. There is nothing there. Nothing.

I am thinking of getting a plant.

But, I am enjoying the white space. Loving our space to stuff ratio. Hoping to maintain our space to stuff ratio.

Despite all the things I just ordered online.

I think that living in various shoe boxes in this city has taught me important lessons about stuff. Less is more. But more is so tempting and fun. It is a funny pull. But I think now, it is a pull I am more aware of. Even if I sell out to more here and there, I know that outgrowing where you live is zero fun. Better to have more people, more cookies, more craft projects and less shoes-I-don't-wear and less shirts-that-don't-fit and less tools-I-don't-use.

So, it's my goal to keep the space under my bed empty and to keep it sort-of clean.
Don't come and check though.
It's a tricky area to clean. We're still talking goals here.

not reality.


Tara Whalen said...

you are so cute!

tami said...

hi robyn! found your blog through kathy's. it's really, really lovely here. i am especially amazed by your gift of homekeeping-- beautifully inspiring.

i totally relate to this entry-- that love of emptiness. such a rare thing in this crowded, cluttered city. who knew that space under the beds would be such a luxury? i have dreams of opening my cupboards to discover-- NOTHING! :)

thanks for sharing this.