Thursday, August 16, 2007


Sometimes I don't like what I write here. Sometimes I blush when I reread something I wrote. Sometimes I think I am a Total Cheeseball. Well, I guess sometimes I am a Total Cheeseball. And I think, I shouldn't do this. I should take a break. I should stop. Or, at least change things up a bit. But I don't. On I go. Documenting my thoughts and my life and my thoughts on life. Using this as motivation to create and photograph and write and live a life I really like. When I write something that embarrasses me, I now think, there will always be tomorrow. There is always a chance to write another. To push the funny entry down the list and replace it with something I like.

I just wanted to say that a worthwhile endeavor doesn't always feel worthwhile to me. Sometimes it feels awkward. Sometimes I have to remind myself that it is worthwhile. Sometimes I tell myself to accept and get over my mistakes and keep on.

And then I am glad I did.

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Laura said...

I enjoy all of your posts and love hearing your thoughts...thanks for being vulnerable with us all and putting yourself out there. Keep it up!