Wednesday, August 15, 2007

city stroll

Today, after eating these cheese danishes (hey, I had to impress my friend-that-also-bakes), my visiting friend and I prepared to load our kids into their strollers to head for the city. An hour later we were out the door.

I am generally hesitant about braving the subway with my toddler. I am not a fan of the stroller/many flights of stairs combination. Andrew often gets restless and wants to climb all over the seats. And there is nothing in the city (and by 'the city', I mean Manhattan...I'm just showing respect for our larger, life-giving mother-city) that I need badly enough to bother with the train. Today was different. Having a friend with two kids was motivational. Together we could get the kids up and down stairs, onto trains, and keep them entertained during the hour long trip. She found the station with the elevator. I thought of using the large baby store bathrooms for their convenient changing tables. We opened doors for each other. One of us would hang out with the kids outside of the bodega where the other was buying much needed water.

The goal of the trip? Fabric. I am using the quilting high that hit after finishing Andrew's quilt to begin my next project. There is a great store in the city for quilting fabric. But a great many obstacles to getting to it. It is amazing what you will overcome to impress people.

So, I think my friend is impressed by cheese danishes, my sense of urban direction and my incredible stamina.

Honestly, none of that would have happened if she weren't here.
But, let's just keep that between us.

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