Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Doctor, Friend

I have a friend that is a pediatrician. She came to my classroom a few years back and my students drew her pictures of giant needles. Because, well, to a 5 year old pediatricians really are giant needles.

Lucky for me, teachers are heroes and idols.

Often pediatricians have it hard. Their patients think that they are giant needles. And the medical system is in such shambles that when the evils of health care are discussed, doctors are thrown in the mix. Good and bad alike. Through this friendship I have learned how intensely this doctor cares for her patients. She prays for them. She makes me pray for them. She loves and serves and provides excellent care. She is separate from her hospital and her employers and the insurance companies. She is the face of good health care.

And that is a battle.

Recently her practice was 'moved'. The rent in the posh neighborhood where the practice was housed was becoming too much for the hospital. So they closed that location and moved some staff to cramped quarters in shared offices far away from reasonable public transportation. They told her to stop seeing her medicaid patients and to send them to a nearby clinic. I don't understand much. And although she understands more than I do, I doubt she sees the whole picture either. And maybe she doesn't want to. I'm guessing it's ugly.

I am just a parent. A parent of a healthy kid, at that. I really don't know anything about the health care system except that it is a mess. I am just sad for my friend that fights every day to continue to love and serve and provide excellent care to these people that she cares dearly about.

and I hate that it is a fight.

So, My Friend, I want to send you a large delivery of Encouragement. Maybe I will overnight it. Express. Urgent. You are a wonderful doctor. I encourage you to stay strong and fight for these people you love. And to continue to serve in the way you serve best. Even if it means at another place. I am so proud of you and find an incredible amount of comfort for knowing you and knowing that there are good guys in your field doing fantastic jobs and spending so much time and energy caring.


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