Monday, August 27, 2007


Once I was on the subway and there was a Hasidic Jew sitting nearby. He had a beard and long ringlets hanging over his ears. He was wearing a black hat, black pants and a white shirt. He was reading the Torah in Hebrew.

But I remember him because he was also wearing a round, red clown nose.

At first I thought: Maybe he is tired of people staring at him because he is Hasidic and wants to raise the bar a little. Make them a little uncomfortable for staring.


Maybe he rebelling from his traditional culture.


Maybe he likes the round, red clown nose.

I'm not sure why he wore it. But I like that he did. I was thinking about him yesterday when I was writing about the freedom to be a nut in huge groups of strangers.

If you were going to use the masses to your advantage and be an anonymous nut, what would you do?

Get in touch with your inner nut and let me know what he/she says.
This could be fun.


Susan said...

Hey! I was with you that time! Did I ever tell you that I found out the reason for the red nose? It was Purim. Jews dress in costumes for Purim. His was sort of a lame costume when you look at it that way . . .

Robyn said...

oh, right. that makes sense.

Good call, Q.

Susan said...

Hey, I was planning to post yesterday in response to your post because it got me thinking. So, you can read all about my inner nut there. But, it's definitely not meant as critical of you--hope that's clear :)

Robyn said...

now I'm nervous. ;)

Tara Whalen said...

I really like this idea. A serious gentle man reading in Hebrew when he has a minute and then there is the nose. I wish I hadn't read Susan's answer. I liked just thinking on it. Not sure there is anywhere else in the world that these things could fly like they do in New York.

Maybe Beverly Hills.

As for my silly...My Halloween costume 5 years ago might be one that could fly in New York. I was dressed as "Ms Appalachia". Dressed up, nails done, big hair, and those false gangly teeth. It was very cute and got lots of laughs.

Susan said...

Sorry to ruin the fun, Tara!

Hey Robyn--you've started a blogging craze! Check out Eric's offering: