Thursday, August 30, 2007


Two months ago: decide to make a small quilt for the kitchen. Sketch. Plan.
Two weeks ago: buy too much fabric.
Two days ago: begin quilt. Start with bag of flour and copy copyrighted flour symbol.
12:30: Andrew's asleep, get out fabric and iron.
12:45: panic. This quilt will not take long. It will be too simple. It will be boring.
12:50: Continue, hoping that it is not.
1:00-1:45: cut out shapes, sew in place.
1:45: make border.
2:00: panic. This quilt looks like it was bought at Walmart. Or worse. An avon catalog.
2:15: Andrew wakes up.
2:30: Discuss with Andrew what to do to fix it. He has no ideas.
2:45: Browse 'folk art quilts' on flickr. Ideas abound! Loving the hand sewing. Brings so much interest!
8:00-10:30: Add eggs. Hand sew swirlies and stars while watching girly movie.
11:00: I like it. Phew.

Today: finish by closing the edges, photo shoot, hang in the kitchen.

So, this little guy sure brought on a lot of obstacles. You would be surprised about how much anxiety I felt about it being too simple. You would think that would be a relief. I had to keep saying to myself things like: 'it's ok' and 'try it and see what happens'.

I was my own self-help book.


Tara Whalen said...

It looks great there! Nice to be able to make your own art.

Seeking La Loba said...

I love the little details. Congrats on the finished work. It's nice to hear your process.

Susan said...

Love the swirls, but where is that cool alphabet fabric?

Wendy said...

Oh my goodness! This is so cute it makes me want to start quilting again.

Robyn said...

Thanks everybody!

Q- I bought WAY too much...which I think means I'll have to do more. ;) I was considering another border with the alphabets, but I thought it wouldn't look too cohesive and I'd rather save it and use it for something else. I loved that one!

Firefly said...

Oh Robyn, I miss you. I hope you aren't quilting too many wall hangings til you have no wall space left . . .