Friday, August 31, 2007

Things I like.

1. the sound of the metal store gates going up every morning.
2. the smell of 3rd avenue between 81st and 77th at 8 o'clock at night. Prime dinner hour.
3. the colors in Chinatown.
4. the mist from the hoses being used to wash down the sidewalks in the morning.
5. the pita bread at our local lebanese bakery.
6. the way the lebanese baker talks to Andrew and makes him laugh.
7. the cafe at our corner that Dave visits on the mornings he does laundry to get me a treat.
8. the wooded path along the water that manages to hush the traffic from the nearby parkway.
9. the woman that lives across the street. She has the shortest commute of anyone I know. She works in the store underneath us.
10. the way Andrew flirts with everyone he can on the subway.

What do you like about New York?


Susan said...

1. Robyn lives there.
2. Lots of other people live there.
3. You trip on a church every few blocks.
4. You trip on a coffee shop every few blocks.
5. The pita at the Lebanese bakery.
6. The old buildings with interesting apartments.
7. The stoop culture.
8. The preserved ethnic identities of so many cultures.
9. The Q train (obviously).
10. People everywhere, all letting out their inner nut.

julia said...

Living in the neighborhood I grew up in!

That my son knows the barber, the guys at the supermarket, the variety store owner, the hardware store owner...

Pre war apartments.

That the 1 train is known as "the sky train" in our family.

And yes to the inner nut thing....

I could go on....

Found you through Susan at "Aspiring Homemaker"

Zenub said...

The fact that it's a microcosm of the world and a world unto itself.

Robyn, I've started keeping a blog to please the grandfolks, and, of course, making mine prompted me to check out yours. Yours is lovely!

Robyn said...

Thanks Zenub! You'll have to send me a link to yours. It didn't show up in your blogger profile. Have you launched it yet?

Hope all is well with baby Ghulam!

Goes On Runs said...

1. that i am not the nuttiest person i know.
2. that i am changed here cuz i am not comfortable.
3. that i am the minority in my new neighborhood.
4. that i can get to a green market.
5. that i can get the yummiest, freshest tomatoes.

Zenub said...

Okay, Robyn. I've edited my profile so the blog appears.

Hi to all of you who have commented on this post. I'm Robyn's former colleague. We used to teach at the same school in Brooklyn. I have to say that my blog isn't too exciting if you don't know who I am. I'm basically keeping a blog so the grandparents can keep up with their new #1. But who knows - maybe the blog will evolve into something more...

carolyn said...

1. the walking you 'get' to do
2. that i run into people i know on the streets
3. its history
4. real Brooklyn accents
5. best place to 'people watch'

just to name a few...