Wednesday, September 12, 2007

a collection.

Sometimes I get embarrassed about the overwhelming feelings I have for Andrew. I mean, how many of you just rolled your eyes? See what I mean? I don't always feel this way. Usually I have my head about me. But since spending so much time with Andrew at the beach I am a goner. I just love him so terribly much.

So, I have a collection of Andrew stories to share.

At church on Sunday Andrew was smacking Dave's cheeks. It was an 'i love you' gesture. He was being gentle and sweet, but Dave got tired of it. He held Andrew's hand and said, 'no hit." So, Andrew turned to me. "Hit Mommy!" He raised his hand to me, I caught it and Dave and I did what all good parents do. We laughed. A lot. Even though everyone around us was probably thinking, "well, that is why he hits. they think it is funny." I'm really not sure why that caught us as being so funny, but it totally was.

Andrew fell on the stairs a few days ago. Not far, not hard, but enough to draw out a few tears. I held him while he cried and rubbed his back. He pulled away, saw that my clothes were wet (from his tears, though I am not sure he knew that) and he went to get me a towel so I could dry off.

Andrew has used his little potty a lot this week for both numbers. He does it for the stickers I give him. He loves the stickers so much that he loses them.

He helped me make yesterday's cookies and today's bread. I hand him measuring cups of flour and he dumps them in the bowl. I measure out the little stuff into a ramakin for him to easily add it to the dough. Yesterday was the true test of his baking performance. He had to unwrap peanut butter cups that we added to the cookies without eating them. He held strong until the end. Then he caved. I guess we all have our breaking points.

Ok. I'm done.


Susan said...

Those are great stories, Robyn. Andrew is such an awesome little guy. I guess I can sort of understand why you think he's cuter than my kids :)

Loralee said...

I get those overwhelming feelings about Timothy and he doesn't even do cool stuff like Andrew yet! What a cutie!