Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Miso Soup

I learned a lot about cooking from my mom. I know I've said this before, but she really is a rock star in the kitchen. We cook quite differently now. She and my dad eat a meat based diet and I went and married a vegetarian.

There are some international foods that my mom is not too keen on. Tofu gives her the willies. When my parents came to stay with us once, my dad slept on our futon, which he sometimes called the tofu. That is how far removed soy-based foods are from my parents' dietary radar (and I guess also shows how foreign the idea of futons are).

Well, the other day, I was telling my parents how Andrew is a nut for Miso Soup. I really don't think twice about Miso Soup anymore. I would probably put it in the same category as Chicken Noodle. You know: simple, wholesome, super yummy soup. My mom wanted to know what was in miso soup.

"Well, miso."
"What is miso?"
"fermented soy beans."
"and there is also seaweed and tofu."

Anyway, I don't think I won her over to the glories of miso soup.

It's too bad. Because that stuff is oh so good.

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Loralee said...

Funny, I spent 25 years as a vegetarian and went and married a carnivore! Miso soup is as foreign to his family as it is to yours, I think. But you're right--it really is yummy.

I wonder if we're drawn to the people we married because of those kinds of differences or despite of them?