Monday, September 10, 2007

older brothers

We have had troubles caring for our electronics this summer, specifically our camera. In June, Dave waded in a pond with the camera in his pocket. He ordered us a new camera a few days later.

But that was nothing. Last week, I sent the new camera through a cycle in the washing machine. Camera number 3 arrives tomorrow.

If you are in a position to destroy your camera, do not do it around your older brother.
These are things my brother did to enhance the already embarrassing experience:

After the dryer buzzed, he would yell out: 'Robyn! Your camera is done!"
He added "digital camera" to my mom's grocery list.
He left his camera on the table with a note, "Robyn, please don't wash this."

Do older brothers get training in this?
because, mine is a pro.


Seeking La Loba said...

My younger brothers are equally skilled at this behavior. Maybe it's a brother gene. Welcome back.

Loralee said...

I love that picture--really nice.

And I think that it is our brothers' job to needle us in those oh so skillful ways. Well, you know my brother--he is particularly good at it.

Welcome back--I hope you had a peaceful week.

Firefly said...

Yay! You are back!

I don't know if all brothers get their training the same way, but I think my dad's proudest parent legacy is apprenticing my brother is how to give a good ribbing. In fact, sometimes after my sister and I tattled, he would take my brother into the back bedroom for a "private disciplinary talk" (aka "High five, Jake!").

Tara said...

Maybe it's an oldest sibling thing - let's admit it - your brother is funny, and I could only hope that I would be as funny if my younger sib put his or her camera in the washing machine. Good one. I think you and Dave should have an ongoing cookie jar that says "$$$ for New Camera" on it, or just buy a few at a time. Glad I can resume my daily blog reading - how dare you take a vacation like that. Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

Yes, how dare you take a vacation like that?

Speaking of father-son legacies, I just wanted to point out that in that photo, Andrew has the Dave-Rice-iest looking body language I've ever seen on anybody but Dave Rice.

Anonymous said...

Some of the best stories are missing here! Such as Andrew berating me on the beach. And come now, let's talk about your "one way cell phone".

Let's do this... I'll write a 'guest blog' for you and let you post it one day. We'll see how the readers like that.

Robyn's Brother

Robyn said...

K, chuck. sounds good. Just make it oh so flattering (to me).

And I wanted to tell you, Andrew has been asking for Ashton and Duck. I think you are Duck.