Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Andrew can be rude,
but funny.

I mean, the poor kid, is finally getting a hang of this language thing. Realizing you can combine words to really get a message across. But his combinations need work.

Yesterday at lunch, he finished his hummus and pita and yells: "I WANT MORE!!!"


I was picturing my grandmother hearing this and passing out from shock.

"andrew, how about: more please?"

"I WANT MORE!!! please."

"no Andrew, say: more please."

"mur peas."

what a total cutie. One thing I learned from teaching little munchkins is to not take crazy comments personally. So I try to explain what I would rather they say. And then laugh at them later. Because seriously, it is funny. No one else can get away with such inappropriate comments.

Well, maybe except for Dave.
uh oh. this might be genetic.


Loralee said...

Those costumes are really amazing, Robyn. How do you do it?

Robyn said...

Thanks Loralee! You could do this too. Joanne's has tons of patterns for Halloween costumes...though not one for shark! that is where I have to get creative with a pattern for a penguin! ;) Are you going to dress up Timothy? Andrew was a bat for his first Halloween!

Tara Whalen said...

Don't ever let Dillon know about the penquin thing!!!! Kevin either! He would tease Dillon to no end!